Residential Services

What We Recycle?

We purchase and recycle old metal – aluminum, brass, copper, and steel just to name a few of the commodities. We process everything from farm scrap, insulated copper wire, stainless steel sinks and faucets, copper tubing, and much more. As metal markets fluctuate, we adjust our prices to be fair and competitive. Our friendly staff will assist you in the unloading process of your material and train you on how to separate your material to receive maximum value for your scrap. We take pride in having the cleanest and most convenient yard in the state of Kansas. We are not the typical scrap dealer. Let us buy your scrap. Our friendly, quick, and clean service will put the green back in the environment and in your pocket. For pricing please call (316) 262-1475. For large quantities (500+Lbs) call and ask to speak to one of our buyers.

Materials We Buy


Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Pots and Pans
Aluminum Siding and Guttering
Aluminum Wheels
Auto Batteries
Brass-valves, Faucets, Decorative Items
Copper Wire and Copper Tubing
Insulated Copper Wire (extension cords, Christmas lights)
Electric Motors
Radiators (A/C, Auto, Aluminum)
Stainless Steel- sinks, BBQ grills


Household appliances, white goods
Stoves, hot water tanks, washers, dryers, etc
AC Units
Cast Iron, tubs
Farm Equipment
Lawn Mowers
Wrought Iron fence
Steel and Iron