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Posted Dec. 27, 2012, at 5:00 a.m.
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WICHITA — Some customers have noticed some changes at Kamen Recycling at 800 E. 21st St. It turns out Allmetal Recycling, which Ron and Marty Cornejo own, purchased Kamen in August.

“We just did that kind of under the radar,” Ron Cornejo says. “It wasn’t intended to be under the radar.” More changes will be on the way in the next six months to a year, including a consolidation of the two offices and a name change for Kamen to Allmetal Recycling.

Allmetal is located at 2461 N. New York. Its office will move to a new building that will be built at the 21st Street location, but the recycling facility will remain where it is. Each facility has about 10 acres.

“It just makes it better to have everything in one location,” Cornejo says of the administrative offices.

With the Kamen purchase, he says the company can handle larger volumes.

“It just expands our market. It allows us to move more of the different types of recyclables.”

Cornejo says the Kamen facility handles more nonferrous metals. Ferrous metals are magnetic-type irons and heavy steel.

“It gave us a little stronger profile in that area,” Cornejo says of nonferrous metals. “It broadened our ability.”

The Kamen facility also has a railroad track that runs on the property.

“It gives us the ability to ship our materials directly to the mills,” Cornejo says. “It lets us market our materials over a greater area.”

Cornejo is keeping the Kamen name for now.

“He was in business for so long, we felt there was value to the name.”

In addition to changes at the Kamen facility, Cornejo says he and his brother would like to make changes to the industry in general in Wichita.

“What we intend to do is change recycling in Wichita,” Cornejo says. “In the past it’s been given almost a bad name, a bad rap with some of the operators that are currently in the marketplace.”

He says his goal is to offer a clean, safe and fair experience.

“We’re trying to portray a whole different image.”

Cornejo says he and his brother are open to other purchases as well.

“We’re always looking. We always want to continue to grow.”

By Carrie Rengers

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