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At Allmetal Recycling we customize our services to meet your specific needs. From the buying and sorting of metal to the processing and shipping, our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of all our customers. As a customer of Allmetal Recycling you will receive the highest quality of customer service, competitive prices, prompt payment, experienced personnel to grade your material, and access to a customized recycling program. Allmetal Recycling prides itself in being the one stop shop for all your recycling needs.


Little did Ron and Marty Cornejo realize, their father was teaching them the metal recycling business as they were growing up, known as scrap iron, through his demolition business in the 60’s and 70’s .

The late Jess Cornejo got his first start in 1952 with one old truck hauling building materials for new construction sites after hours once he was off of his daily job. His hard work and determination made him the largest and most successful demolition/construction company in Kansas prior to his passing in 1994.

Jess & Josephine had five sons who worked beside their father from a very young age. Through the years they diversified the business into many divisions including, demolition, excavating, general construction, waste hauling, and in 1992 began a paving division which grew to include asphalt/concrete paving and production, rock quarries, and sand mining. It was one of the largest paving operations in this region prior to its acquisition in 2010 by Summit Materials, a national construction and materials company.

Allmetal Recycling (AMR) was formed in 2009 as a sideline to what the two brothers had already been doing in the construction business through a fresh start up and acquisitions. Ron and Marty’s sons, Clint and Kolby began working for AMR out of college. Each understood and enjoyed the business. In 2010, after phasing out of the construction business and realizing they had to much time on their hands, Ron and Marty, with their sons, Clint and Kolby, began to grow the business acquired Kamen Iron & Metal, a successful second generation company. This location today is our headquarters located in Wichita, Kansas. Currently AMR is serving other markets with the recycling division as well as offering new and reusable steel products out of its sister company AMR Steel & Supply located in Wichita.

Clint and Kolby Cornejo Co-owners of AMR are hands on in the day to day operation from the metal recycling operation to the industrial demolition and dismantling division. Their involvement in the community as well as engagement in organizations modeled for our industry such as Institute of Scrap Recycling Industry (ISRI) keeps AMR up to date with the latest regulations both in safety and operations.

Today AMR continues to be on the leading edge in our industry, offering the safest, cleanest, and user-friendly operations available. With our management and technology, AMR continues its growth through the services it provides, as well as acquisitions in other markets, to strengthen our position of being able to provide our customers the very best outlets for their products.